We’ve all heard a thousand times that the only way to learn Chinese is to be totally immersed in the language and completely surrounded by it everywhere you go. But we want to go deeper than that and find quick and easy ways to start getting immersed in Chinese. So Miracle Mandarin put 10 ways together for you in a progressive order to learn Chinese faster and make it a lot more fun.
1. Find some Chinese radio stations and podcasts on the internet;
2. Check out the Top Videos on YouTube and watch for at least a few minutes;
3. Talk and sing to yourself in Chinese;
4. Do you have a Chinese-speaking idol? Go to watch all of his/her interviews in Chinese;
5. Sit near people who are speaking Chinese on the bus or in the park and listen in;
6. Pay attention to billboards, signs, advertisements, magazine stands and establishment names;
7. Love music? Try figuring out the words/lyrics of your favorite Chinese songs;
8. Watch TV clips, episodes or soap operas in Chinese;
9. Engage in a conversation on Weibo with friends who post in Chinese
10. Practice, practice, practice. No matter how shy you are or how much you don’t “get” Chinese, force yourself to speak.
Come on! Follow the tips Miracle Mandarin gives you for learning Chinese and you will “get” Chinese as good as Chinese people.

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