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HSK 2 (Pre-Intermediate) Part 1

HSK 2-Pre-Intermediate Level - Part 1

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About this course

Course Description:

Miracle Mandarin HSK series course is divided into four levels, and every level is divided into 4 or 2 parts, following the standard of HSK and also CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Language). Each video lesson is 5-10 minutes content including 5-10 words or 1-2 language points. All video lessons provide plenty exercises, clear explanations, easy introduction and teachers’ guide and encouragement, which will help you learn Chinese in a fun and efficient way.

Part 1 of HSK 2-Pre-Intermediate Level Chinese Lessons contains 35 video lessons covering the following content:


  1. 10+ useful verbs about daily behaviors
  2. 50+ daily nouns about furniture, appliances, places, location and ordinal numbers

Language points

  1. Separable verbs
  2. The usage of complement of duration
  3. The usage of adverb “zài”
  4. The interrogative sentence with “zěnme”
  5. The usage of conjunctive word “rúguǒ……jiù……”
  6. The usage of locative nouns
  7. The difference between “shì” and “yǒu”
  8. The usage of preposition “gěi”
  9. The progressive tense of action with “zài”
  10. The expressions of the frequency of an action

Communication skills

  1. To tell a story with proper words in correct word order
  2. To express a conditional
  3. To describe where the thing is
  4. To describe the layout of an apartment

What are the requirements?

  1. Have finished all HSK 1 class or have achieved HSK 1;
  2. Don’t be shy, speak Chinese after your teacher;
  3. Follow teacher’s instructions, like reading together, listening and answering, etc.;
  4. Recommended 2 lessons per day to finish this course in 3 weeks, and continue the other 3 courses, will achieve HSK level 2 within 3 months.

What is the target audience?

  1. People who have finished all HSK 1 lessons;
  2. People who want to learn Chines systematically;
  3. Anyone who wants to experience learning Chinese;
  4. Anyone who wants to focus on speaking and listening.

When you complete this part of study please move on to HSK 2 (Pre-Intermediate) Part 2.

Learn with Miracle Mandarin video lessons will make it easier for you to master Mandarin Chinese. No hesitate to join us and enjoy your study.


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